2020: Hungary increases energy efficiency through modernising the household heating systems

It was a great initiative 3 years ago in Hungary. Still, we would recommend using <strong>our solution</strong> instead of smart meters: with the same cost almost 100% coverage would be reachable in Hungarian households.

Waiting for results

We are now in the interesting period of **waiting for the results**. The meter-reader.com team submitted its business plan at the end of EIT Jumpstarter's 2nd phase and now excitedly awaiting the results. Regardless of the outcome, we are grateful to our tutors who spared no time to help and impr...

Only 3 days left

In 3 days at Athens, we will present our pitch to the grand final's jury. You can read about the event, the jury, the speakers, and the competitors on this page https://grandfinal.eitjumpstarter.eu/ Please register if you wish to follow and keep your fingers crossed for us!

You can follow the presentation live from Room A (where our founder will present in 2 hours too) on Youtube

Peter's pitch from the Grandfinal of EIT Jumpstarter 2023